Why Wind Horse?

Horses are profound teachers. They possess a certain wisdom. They can teach us a lot about relationships-not only between horse and rider, but between ourselves as well as the rest of the world. They have something to teach about interelationship versus dominance. They show us the dance of partners with a shared goal. Many people don't relate to horses in their everyday lives, but when they see an arresting image of a moving horse, it stirs something ancient in them. Something older, wiser and deep inside them that they can't quite articulate, but that they feel it in their bones. They are moved by the spirit of the horse.

Our Mission

Together we build authenticity and innovation in community through a profitable and invigorating coffee & tea business.

Our Values

  • We embrace differences and view long term relationships as vital.
  • Quality product and service is essential
  • Personal and professional employee growth
  • We view our positions with Wind Horse Coffee & Tea as professional.
  • Good health and well-being together with laughter and a spirit of creativity to meet the demands of intense customer driven service.
  • Honesty and integrity is our foundation.